Why you should install your fence in the fall

Usually, when you think of upgrading your fence or replacing your fence you think of spring or summer. However, fall is just as great of a season for repairing and upgrading your outdoor fencing. As summer winds down, it’s not too late to install a long-lasting quality fence for your home. At Vinyl Fence Warehouse we only work with premium materials and a knowledgeable experienced installation team, we can install your fence after labor day allowing you plenty of time to enjoy the fall months before winter. If you are considering a new fence for your home during the fall season then consider why Fall is the best time to install a new fence.

Fence installs move faster in the fall

Because the Fall season is typically slower for fence installation teams it provides a unique opportunity to complete your fencing project in a timely manner. Fall isn’t just slow for installation teams, it’s also slower for the city permits office as the requests from summer have started to die down. This will make it easier to receive any permits you might need to install your fence. Allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space all season long.

Fall Weather is Ideal for fence installs

Fall weather is perfect for fence installation. Usually, in the spring months, you have a lot of rain and in the summer the humidity is very high. In the fall you typically don’t have to worry about humidity or a ton of rain making this a perfect time for your fence installation just before winter when the ground begins to freeze.

Don’t have to worry about the Landscape in the fall

Because your yard and other landscape will be mostly dormant by early October allowing you to work around the yard without causing damage during prime season. You won’t have to worry about the lush green grass coming to an abrupt halt next to your freshly dug fence line. Also gives you the opportunity to rearrange some of your landscaping design to accommodate your new fence. So next spring all your plants and flowers will grow in their new locations.

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