Legacy of Vinyl Fencing in Shawnee, Oklahoma

In the vibrant heartland of Oklahoma, the community of Shawnee stands out for its rich history and its embrace of progress. Among the threads that weave this town’s story together is the legacy of vinyl fencing, an innovation that has not only redefined property lines but also community ties. The catalyst behind this transformation is a narrative deeply entwined with Rodger Thomas and his entrepreneurial vision, Iron Tough Fence.

The Humble Beginnings of Iron Tough Fence It all began in a modest garage in 1992. Rodger Thomas, armed with determination and a keen eye for opportunity, launched Iron Tough Fence. Shawnee’s residents were unaware that this small-scale operation would become a landmark in their community. From those initial days, Rodger’s enterprise was set apart by its commitment to quality and a deep understanding of customer needs.

A Personal Journey from Broken Arrow to Shawnee Before Shawnee became his home and business headquarters, Rodger hailed from Broken Arrow, where the roots of his family tree ran deep. The move to Shawnee in 1991 marked a pivotal turn, fueled by the arrival of his youngest son. It’s this son who now stands at the helm of Iron Tough, carrying forward a legacy of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.

Laying Foundations in Shawnee By the dawn of 1993, Iron Tough Fence had planted its flag on Kickapoo Spur, establishing the first official base of operations. A year later, Rodger introduced Shawnee to its first vinyl fence—the White Vinyl Ranch Rail, which quickly became a local fencing standard, revolutionizing the way the community thought about durability and design in fencing.

Community Ties and Contributions Iron Tough’s narrative is riddled with chapters of community service and contributions. Rodger’s support of Shawnee Wolves’ activities, from wrestling to the band and cheerleading, is a testament to the company’s investment in the town’s youth and future. The Thomas family’s generosity extended beyond business, embedding Iron Tough Fence within the very fabric of Shawnee’s society.

Celebrating Oklahoma’s Rich Indigenous Heritage Rodger’s Chickasaw lineage has been instrumental in Iron Tough Fence’s operations, fostering partnerships with Oklahoma’s indigenous tribes. The company has worked with the Chickasaw, Kickapoo, Sac and Fox, Absentee Shawnee, and Pottawatomie, reinforcing the state’s cultural heritage through its business endeavors.

The Vinyl Fence Revolution in Oklahoma The year 2006 was a watershed moment for Iron Tough Fence. Becoming one of the sole distributors of Vinyl Fence Products in Oklahoma marked a significant expansion. The signature Ranch Rail fences lining Shawnee’s highways stood as proud emblems of Iron Tough’s reach and Rodger’s commitment to excellence.

The Birth of Vinyl Fence Warehouse With a vision that stretched beyond Shawnee, the Thomas family launched the Vinyl Fence Warehouse in Oklahoma City in 2011. This 22,000-square-foot facility, located near the Oklahoma City Thunder arena, is more than a distribution center—it is a symbol of growth, a repository of quality products serving customers far beyond Oklahoma’s borders.

Beyond Business – Rebuilding and Supporting Communities Iron Tough Fence’s story is not confined to its commercial success. In the wake of natural calamities, the Thomas family has stepped forward to rebuild communities, demonstrating that their commitment is not just to their patrons but to the ethos of Oklahoman solidarity.

Conclusion The story of Shawnee, its vinyl fences, and the Thomas family unfolds like a rich tapestry, detailing dedication, innovation, and an unwavering community spirit. Iron Tough Fence stands as a monument not just to Rodger Thomas’s indomitable spirit but also to the enduring bonds that fortify the town of Shawnee.

As this tale of resilience and community continues, we invite the people of Shawnee and beyond to visit Iron Tough Fence, to experience the service and quality that have built a legacy. We also call upon the community members to share their Iron Tough stories and continue the narrative of a business that has become a steadfast part of Oklahoma’s landscape.